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camera man

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Camera Man
what education is needed?
There are no specific qualifications needed to work in this role of the media industry but having lessons or training for the role is greatly beneficial for a higher chance of being hired for the role.

What career path is needed?
Most camera men nowadays will either start there career of as a Camera trainee or as a runner, then move up to a 2nd AC and over time eventually become an 1st AC. They have to build on their experiences and achieve high levels of competence while operating different camera systems and gaining more and more knowledge.

What are the wages of a cameraman?
A camera mans pay can vary. It can depend on how many hours they work, quality of what they film, whom they film for. But the average starting pay for a beginner cameraman is around £16,000 a year.

What are the working conditions for a cameraman?
Working hours will be very long (around 12-14 hours) which will be very difficult due do, this kind of job does require dedication due to the fact that cameramen have to film in all weather conditions be is sun, rain or snow.

What professional responsibilities does a cameraman have?
The responsibilities for cameraman are to have a genuine knowledge of of filming and editing techniques and awareness of all the filming locations. They must also have all the appropriate equipment to shoot (E.G. lenses, filters, lighting, cranes, dollies etc.)

What experiences can a cameraman gain?
The exspearences a cameraman can gain from working within the media is mostly hands on and a front row seat of how the media industry works which is invaluable. you will learn to promote yourself so you will hopefully be offered jobs because most cameramen are freelance.
create a timeline for your chosen career with dates education, projects and big movies you have done (make them up).

1. What media technologies have you used to create your 3 media products?
The first piece of technology make my group and I used for our FMPs were the camera equipment for taking the photos for our posters and DVD covers. The cameras we used were DCLR which were very good quality images, perfect for editing.
We had to rent out the filming equipment from college  to shoot the film trailer in good quality images. The equipment we rented out was a camera, boom pole, microphone and tri-pod.
Other technologies that I have used were the editing software from a Mac (Photoshop, In-design and Final cut pro). These programs are very good and useful for me to produce good quality edits for my poster, DVD cover and my movie trailer.

2. Does your completed media products meet with your original intentions?
There were some things that I had to change slightly.
My products were slightly different from I what had originally planned. My DVD cover and my poster were changed the most due to the results of the photo shoots my group and I had. Our tutor informed us that the photos where very boring and needed to be improved.
This forced me to change the whole concept from my DVD cover and Poster.
The only change I had changed to the photo design on my DVD cover. The original image was supposed to be of the two main actors faces taking up half of the cover each and fading into darkness in the middle, which would have been where I would have placed the title of the film. The reasons I changed the design of my DVD cover are because it would have been an over complected task  and would have taken up too much of my time which would have been used on my other products. Other reasons for my changes in images for my DVD cover and movie poster are mainly for the photos being very boring and not portraying the story very well.

3. What problems did you experience during the construction of your 3 media products?
There were slight problems with the first photos we took, they were not up to standard. As a result we had to re-shoot the images again. I am very happy that we did this because the photos came out far better than the first time. Showing off the genre became far easier, making it very clear for the audience to see that the film is an Ac-com (Action comedy). Other problems we faced after the photo shoot were during the time when we were filming. We had filmed the chase scene and the scene when Kelly and Bam were at home on time but we forgot to film the scenes with Mr. Lee talking to Kelly about the job he was offering. When I saw all of the clips we had filmed I realized that we didn’t have any close ups, this was bad because it would have been very difficult to add intensity or a sense of panic for my audience to feel. The way I tackled this problem was very simple, all I did was go out into the location we had originally filmed in with my own camera (which filmed in a similar quality of the other cameras we had used). I filmed a close up shot at a low and angle of myself running through the forest, as well as this camera angle I filmed a POV shot to add even more panick feeling for the audience to feel.
The last of the problems that I faced was during the editing of my poster and whilst I was editing my video. When I was editing my DVD cover the only problem I had with was placing my title and which position to put it in, but this was solved rather quickly. When I was editing my video I struggled to place the clips in the correct order. This was because I had more clips than storyboards. I overcame this problem by putting all of the good clips I had into timeline order, so effectively I made the film before the trailer. This did help me keep more organized with my editing and I also didn’t have to keep looking through the files for the relevant clips because they were right in front of me. I will be sure to do this on future edits.

4. What comments have you had from your peers about your 3 media products?
The comments I have received for my work have been very positive and constructive. Here are some of the comments:

  1. I like the style of font that you used, I don’t like that it’s in landscape.
  2. I like how you can see what kind of characters you will have in the film. Make the trailer a bit faster pace and involve more comedy scenes.
  3. I like the Target on the DVD cover, it shows part of the hitman theme in the film. I would name more people in the credits of the film poster.

5. Identify the specific strengths of your 3 products
I believe the strengths in my products are:

  • I believe that they stick to a similar theme.
  • The DVD cover and the poster have the same fonts and colour schemes which show they are made for the same product.
  • The title of the DVD cover and the poster is used in the film trailer as well.
  • On my DVD cover I made the title much larger and on two separate lines to make it stand out much more.
  • I believe the editing techniques added to the end result and I am very proud of the edits in my work, It has improved dramatically and I believe that these and some of my best edits of the year.

6. Making direct comparisons to “officially designed” media products, explain what could be improved about the design of your Poster and DVD Cover as well as your completed Film Trailer.

When I compare my final poster to the officially released posters such as the Avengers, I noticed that not many of them are printed in horizontal. The only poster that I have seen which is horizontal is for the film “Tomorrow when the war began” which is a very good poster.

From the look of these two poster, the Avengers looks a little bit squashed together with all o the characters and other assorted images in the background. On the other hand with the poster of “Tomorrow when the war began” there is much more room where nothing is squashed together and all of the images are clear on what they are in the poster.

My DVD cover, when compared to other film posters they  show mostly head shots for the covers and not many shoulder or body shots for the film, which I believe  will make my cover stand out from other DVD covers. this is what I’m comparing to the DVD cover of Silent Hill which has loads of close head shots with very little body shots.
My Movie Trailer is very good and I took some inspiration for the editing from the film trailer The Evil Dead.
The shot that I was inspired by was the fast cut of black cuts over the same images which go over the sound effect to add loads of fear and suspense, I took the basic idea from this and put it at the beginning of my trailer, but instead of have a black image I put a clip of myself running from the hitmen. it was a type of future shot to let the audience know early on in the trailer that the was going to be some action. I made sure that this sequence of clips was at the beginning of the trailer because I want to catch the viewers interest quickly so they do not lose interest.

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Location report

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Location: Kirk’s house.
The scene which we will be filming at will be filmed at Kirk’s house (the actor who plays Kelly) , which is approximately 3×6 meters. It is awkward to film because the roof and walls are at an angle, this will prove to be difficult to film and gain the necessary shots which we would like. We’re using a range of props for this location to resemble an authentic location for a lower class hit men, we had fake drugs on the table with a small arsenal of hand guns which are also fake and cannot harm anyone.

Location: Forrest.
Our second filming location was in the forest on the opposite side of college. This was a good location for the chase scene we had to film, there was a path leading through the trees this made it easy to run through the forest without the worry of anybody getting hurt or running into trees but we will still have the effect of a dense forest. Whilst we were filming we could only shoot from one side of the actors because there was a fence with some houses that would have been seen in shot, this would have taken away the feeling of isolation of the scene resulting in poor camera work.
Whilst we were filming in the forest we had been interrupted a couple of times because of the general public walking there dogs and the last time we were interrupted was another group filming in another part of the forest, they were shouting due to their script I believe.

Location: T.V. Studio.
This is our final filming location for our trailer. We will be shooting our confrontation with the antagonist of the film Mr. Lee. the problems we will face I believe will be working out how to use the lighting, this is my main concern for this location. The lighting will give us the opportunity to add a professional look to the trailer, as well as giving the evil feeling toward Mr. Lee revealing that he is the antagonist (bad guy).